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Fundraising Thermometer

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Fundraising Thermometer

Fundraising Thermometer

November 15, 2007 is the National Philanthropy Day – a day to recognize the many individuals and organizations who give so much year after year to help make our world a better place to live.

I'll be surprised if your nonprofit organization does not already have an event or recognition campaign planned on or around November 15. Here are some general ideas just in case:

Major donors (individuals and businesses)

The festival "gives you a great reason to call your main donors. I mean a personal phone call from a member of the Board, Chief Executive, Director of Development or someone else in a very important leadership position within your organization.

Just call each of the major donors and share something very simple and brief. For example:

Good morning, Mr. Johnson [and if you are on a first name basis then by all means, use the name]. This is [specify] calling from [name of organization].

Today is the National Philanthropy Day, so I wanted to call and thank you all for your support over the past year. Each of us here at [name value] organization for your generous support greatly. Thank you very much!

I a question for you, if I can. Is there something you'd like to do differently? In other words, are you receiving all the information about us that you want, whenever you want, and in what form you want? Anything you'd rather have done a little differently?

After you ask this question, sit and wait. Do not say anything. Relax and give your main funder an opportunity to reflect and take their time answer.

How to answer the question, they may naturally give rise to a little more conversation. Just do not drag the call. And remember, you're chatting with a dear friend.


Depending on how many you have, it may not be practical for someone in your organization to call and say "thank you for your service." So maybe a simple thank you card sent by mail, or e-mail.

Non-Major Donors

It is now time to use these e-mail that you have been the collection and add it to your database throughout the year. Send a short note of thanks to many "ordinary" donors money as possible.

Important: Take the time to withdraw your principal donors of this email campaign. You contacted them by phone – and major donors deserve a bit of red carpet treatment staff – do not send them an e-mail mailing mass.

And as you do with your major donors by phone, you can also ask your regular donors if is something different they would like to see you.

My recommendation is to enjoy the National Philanthropy Day. Recognize people responsible for your nonprofit organization funded and operational throughout the year. Again, a very brief announcement at the sole Please share your end sincerely, and whether you're on target with all your other communications.

Karen Zapp is a freelance fundraising and sales writer, and the owner of PK Scribe, LLC ( She specializes in uniquely written copy that not only touches readers at profoundly deep levels; but does so intellectually, emotionally, and personally. Her distinct delivery of this triple combination can generate high response rates for your fundraising and marketing campaigns.

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If you would like to know more about Fundraising Thermometer, go to the Aim Fundraising webstite.

How do I add a fundraising thermometer on my blog?

I just blog for a mission trip and I show you would like to add a widget or a badge showing a graph or thermomter how close I am until I have the funding. I'm using Blogger, how can I do this?

This should Blogger to: Good luck!

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