Shopper Brochures – Up to 50% Profit!

Fundraising PrizesAll of our brochures below carry these benefits:

FREE Selling Kits (brochures, order forms, collection envelopes and prize brochures)
FREE Prize Program for Sellers
FREE Freight
FREE Pre-Pack Order by Seller on any order over $500.

EZ Pay

Allow buyers to purchase with credit card the fundraiser items on most brochures. These are for items delivered to the school or organization only. Click here to use EZ Pay.

AIM Online Shop

Allow friends and family anywhere in the USA to buy items and ship directly to them – sellers and group get credit directly for sale (does not include cookie dough and food items). Click here to use AIM Online Shop.

Please ask your representative about adding these to your fundraiser today!



  • “Everything was just wonderful! We heard no complaints! Ya’ll did a great job dividing up the orders, helping find and deliver them and working all the quirks! We really appreciate your service! And the best part is that everything is … more

    Sandra – Oppe Elementary
  • “Hi Mike! I am getting the form ready for our next year’s sale. I have to tell you how pleased I was with the way things went this year. Now that I know the procedures I am sure I will … more

    Beth – Lakeland Elementary
  • “Thank you and your staff for making the entire fundraising process so easy!! Looking forward for next year!!”

    Janie – Mission West Elementary