Shopper Brochures – Up to 50% Profit!

Fundraising PrizesAll of our brochures below carry these benefits:

FREE Selling Kits (brochures, order forms, collection envelopes and prize brochures)
FREE Prize Program for Sellers
FREE Freight
FREE Pre-Pack Order by Seller on any order over $500.

support-and-give SUPPORT & GIVE

Fundraising programs now offering

  • Clients can make credit card payment for fundraiser orders
  • Shop online for high-quality, non-perishable items that ship directly to the customer.
  • Use to send emails, tweets, or Facebook for support
  • Make donations online* (VISA, MasterCard, AMEX accepted)
    • *Organizations must opt in to do donations



  • “Everything was just wonderful! We heard no complaints! Ya’ll did a great job dividing up the orders, helping find and deliver them and working all the quirks! We really appreciate your service! And the best part is that everything is … more

    Sandra – Oppe Elementary
  • “Hi Mike! I am getting the form ready for our next year’s sale. I have to tell you how pleased I was with the way things went this year. Now that I know the procedures I am sure I will … more

    Beth – Lakeland Elementary
  • “Thank you and your staff for making the entire fundraising process so easy!! Looking forward for next year!!”

    Janie – Mission West Elementary