Prizes Make Higher Sales and Higher Profits!

The information on this page is the main reason you see such a HUGE INCREASE in sales for our groups these past years. Call 1-800-473-7602 to get more details on our prize programs. We have one for every type of group!

AIM offers two prize programs


Treasure Vault unbelievable-prizes2013
Treasure Vault 2014
Our regular prize program
Unbelievable Prizes 2013
Our upgraded prize program

Note the difference in the prize programs provided in your last fundraiser (from our competition) and our regular Amazing Prizes program! Unbelievable Prizes gets even better on the low end (at 10, 15 & 20 item prize levels). This is the reason our schools see huge increases in sales the first time they work with AIM. They also see higher levels of sales and profits for years to come!

Now, add a $100 Bill to one of the 5 item prizes and you have
a VERY excited group of students (and parents)!

The results that you see below show the effect this type of prize structure has on a school fundraiser. We also provide your school a prize video to show at kickoff an
over your video system during the sale.

Treasure Vault

You Can Order Individual Prizes From Our Prize Programs!

If you keep doing the same thing year after year, why would you expect to get different results from what you did in previous years?

You can change the products that you sell, but you will still do roughly the same amount as you did the year before unless you do something to change the minds of the students who usually don’t sell anything. The results of the groups listed below did various types of fundraisers. Some sold cookie dough, some sold wrapping paper/Christmas gifts, some sold candles and so on. The products that you sell have less effect than you might think on the success of your sale. You could do very well selling $5.00 bills for $10.00 if you motivate your students correctly!

With our new philosophy on prizes, the average sales per student went up 40 – 400%. We had a school that went from a $5,600 sale last fall to a $46,000 in sales this year with the same number of kids as the year before! All it takes is a little change in the way you do your prizes!

Learn How To Do Your Prizes Right!
This video will explain how!

The following examples illustrate the difference that proper program management can make.

Organization # of Sellers With
Regular or No Prizes
With Suped-Up
Mitchell Intermediate 1200 $68,000 $112,341
Coulson Tough Elementary 1200 $45,000 $94,123
Ellisor Elementary 850 $45,000 $75,049
Acton Elementary 675 $N/A $61,022
Thornton Elementary 450 $22,900 $39,700
CJ Harris Elementary 980 $39,000 $56,700
Cedar Park Soccer 1050 $55,200 $75,400
Stephenville HS Cheer 18 $7,900 $13,300
Mammoth Lakes Preschool 50 $3,500 $8,100
Sharpstown HS Seniors 220 $5,600 $19,300
Granger HS FCCLA 100 $3,500 $13,500
The Galloway School 195 $3,000 $28,340
Cub Scout Pack 85 52 $4,500 $16,700
Robertson Elem. 5th Grade 75 $2,400 $10,200

Give BETTER Prizes (at the low end) &  Get BETTER Results – Period!

We have also offer incentives for the teachers with spectacular results.

It wasn’t your standard “teacher incentive” that you’ve probably seen or done before. There is a way to get almost all the teachers in the school EXCITED about the fundraiser! (No matter what you always seem to have a few “fuddy-duddies!”)

Why did these groups have such large increases?
Because the prizes were actually things the students
Really, Really, Really WANTED TO HAVE!!!

Aim Fundraising will actually coach you in how to run a school fundraiser to get maximum results.

Prizes Are What Drive School Fundraisers.

If you do the average,everyday, run of the mill prizes, you will end up with average run of the mill results. This is why schools that make a change in the way they do their prizes double or more their previous sale. It is not the product, service or profit percentage that makes the difference… it’s the prizes.

Sneak a Peak at the Shoulder Pals In Action

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