Cookie Dough & Frozen Food Fundraisers – Up to 55% Profit!

Fundraising PrizesBelow are the frozen goods programs we have available.  Some are just cookie dough fund raisers.  Some have cookie dough along with other items like pizza, pies, breads, etc. to add variety to your sale.  Some can be pre-packaged by student.  Others can only be shipped in bulk.  (Believe it or not, but sometimes pre-packing is not an advantage.)

FREE Selling Kits (brochures, order forms, collection envelopes and prize brochures)
FREE Prize Program for Sellers
Online shopping is also available.

If you have a group that could really use some serious dough, this is the dough you’ve been looking for!
View ingredients list here.

support-and-give SUPPORT & GIVE

Fundraising programs now offering

  • Clients can make credit card payment for fundraiser orders
  • Shop online for high-quality, non-perishable items that ship directly to the customer.
  • Use to send emails, tweets, or Facebook for support
  • Make donations online* (VISA, MasterCard, AMEX accepted)
    • *Organizations must opt in to do donations



  • “Everything was just wonderful! We heard no complaints! Ya’ll did a great job dividing up the orders, helping find and deliver them and working all the quirks! We really appreciate your service! And the best part is that everything is … more

    Sandra – Oppe Elementary
  • “Hi Mike! I am getting the form ready for our next year’s sale. I have to tell you how pleased I was with the way things went this year. Now that I know the procedures I am sure I will … more

    Beth – Lakeland Elementary
  • “Thank you and your staff for making the entire fundraising process so easy!! Looking forward for next year!!”

    Janie – Mission West Elementary