Why Choose My Holiday Fair for Your School Holiday Shop?

The Easiest School Holiday Shop Available

My Holiday Fair is an in-school holiday shop that comes in pre-organized boxes with over 100 different items for students to choose from. There is no set-up, no counting inventory, and no cost to your school. We provide all of the promotional material and any other supplies you’ll need. My Holiday Fair can be purely for the benefit of your students, or you can useit as an easy fundraiser for your school. Either way, we do the hard work for you. You just Pop the Top and Shop!

My Holiday Fair is FUN!

My Holiday Fair is a fun, exciting program that allows your children to shop for their friends and family. They can surprise their loved ones with special gifts they can choose and buy independently! Because we include all the professionally-developed promotional items that you need to run a great sale and we package all the gifts in easy trays, the sale will be fun

Unique Educational Experience

My Holiday Fair provides a unique educational experience for the children at your school. Children can choose from to buy a toy for themselves, a mug for their dad, or a hand-painted dish for their mom.

100% Guarantee

With 75 years of holiday shops, My Holiday Fair stands behind our sales and our merchandise. All of our products are 100% guaranteed. The merchandise is on consignment, which means that you only pay for what you sell. You return everything you do not sell, even if the items are

Why Choose My Holiday Fair for Your School Holiday Shop?

You can start by learning more of the details below, contacting us by phone or email, or you can reserve your store now and let us help walk you through the process by filling out the SIGN-UP TODAY above!

Is My Holiday Fair a School Fundraiser?

Some schools hold a My Holiday Fair shop as a service for their students and some schools choose to use it as a fundraising opportunity. Our easy to use pricing structure and checkout methods allow for either option. Most schools mark up the product to make a 10% profit so that the merchandise prices remain low, as a service for the kids. We will send you a Helpful Hints Manual that has some great ideas on how to run My Holiday Fair.

How Does Pricing Work?

The price codes are numbered 1-18, not by price. The lower price codes (numbers closer to 1) are less expensive items and the higher numbers are more expensive. We number the prices for the items so that if you choose to add a percentage to the products as a fundraiser, you can use the price codes to signify prices.

Can I Run a My Holiday Fair by Myself?

The quick answer is yes, but we will never recommend anyone attempt it alone. Creating the most successful and stress-free shop usually requires 3-5 volunteers to help out. One trusted member of your organization should serve as the cashier and should be available during all selling periods. Ideally, several other volunteers should be available to assist students in selecting merchandise for their special needs. We understand finding volunteers can be difficult, but our experienced representatives can help share some tips make things a little easier.

What am I Responsible for When Hosting a Holiday Shop?

Around November 1st, you’ll receive your free promotional material to help promote your shop. This includes a price list, important phone numbers, UPS return merchandise shipping labels, parent letters, a door cover, gift bags, and all your student take-home bags. We ship the kit by UPS or by truck. The shop arrives at your school before the date you request, usually one week before the sale starts. We pay for all the shipping costs (even return shipping on unsold items). The products come marked with a simple price code and are pre-packed in our Pop-the-Top and Shop boxes. Each box has items organized in neatly divided sections. There is no sorting needed. When the kit comes in, you simply open each box and set it on a table. Arrange the boxes by number to signify pricing, set up your cash register, and you are ready to sell!
We provide cash registers on loan as well as a mobile friendly cash register option.

What Kind of Promotional Materials will I Receive?

Successful Holiday Shops start with great promotion, so My Holiday Fair provides several types of these materials that are completely free to you. First, budget envelopes are included for each student. You can send home with the child before the
sale. Parents are responsible for placing the money in the envelope for safety and to help budget and direct where students spend their money. The Savings Banks can be used by the students to save money for the store. Second, Parent letters for each student are supplied for you and are printed on quality copy paper. You can type your own informational letter to inform parents of sale dates, times, location, etc. You can print your letter on the back side of the supplied parent letter. Additionally, one door cover, eight table covers, and six wall posters are also provided at no charge to help you advertise. We will send the promotional items to you via UPS approximately November 1 so that you can distribute them to your students and start advertising your sale, weeks before the actual sale starts.

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